Political Pop Movement

The beginning of China

The political pop movement was an art movement that emerged in China around the 1980’s. It combines the social realism propaganda and the western pop image, so by the mix of it, the creation of the Political Pop movement was placed. This Pop Art movement causes some questions about the political and social change that was suffering China due to the rapid change.

The movement was a partial answer to the quick and changing modernization of the Chinese country. In addition, this was a way of coming to terms with the Cultural Revolution.

Comparison against the capitalism

With the American Pop Art banality and mid-ironic approach to the capitalism, the Political pop movement combines the propaganda images from the Mao era with capitalism.

There was some difference between the Political movement. As an example of the difference between the artists;

  • Li Shan  “Blue Mao” artwork, has a reference to Andy Warhol screen paints.
  • Wang Guangyi‘s “Great Criticism – Coca-Cola” depict the Chinese workers in a Socialist style of painting on top of a Coca-Cola sign.
Wang – Coca-Cola
Wang Guangyi Great Criticism – Coca-Cola (1994)

The reasons behind the critics in the political pop movement

However, the critic’s opinion about Political Pop is that it does not fully engage. Most noteworthy, due to the difference and the imitation of the Socialism propaganda in the consumer’s advertisement. Moreover, the artist also has been accused to copy the styles and ideas to be like the Western market.

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