Pop Art Movement in Germany: Capitalist Realism



Pop Art in Germany: The alternative Pop Art

The term Capitalist Realism has been used, particularly in Germany, to describe the commodity-based Pop Art Movement that appeared in Germany. This movement focuses on subjects taken from the commodity culture and used the mass media as a way of transmission.


Girlfriends I - Sigmar Polke
Girlfriends I – Sigmar Polke


Its origins began in 1963 with Sigmar Polke as the founder. In addition, the support of other main artists as Konrad Lueg and Gerhard Richter it is especially relevant. The Capitalist Realists look ways of exposing and the consumer and also display the contemporary superficial of the capitalist society by the use of images and aesthetic of the pop art and advertising in their artwork.

The three main artists focus on several aspects, as for example:

  • Lueg examine the pop culture imagery
  • Polke explore the possibilities of the creativity in the mechanical reproduction
  • Richter dissects the photographic.

    Pop Art in Germany - Capitalist Realism
    Pop Art in Germany – Capitalist Realism
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