Marilyn Diptych


Marilyn Diptych is a picture of Marilyn Monroe, who died in August 1962. Therefore in the following weeks, Andy Warhol made this masterpiece, which contains fifty images of Marylin, all based on the same publicity photograph from the film “Niagara”. The images on the left side have colors. On the other hand, the images of the right side are in black and white with a fading effect. Critics’ opinion is that this contrast of colors suggests the star mortality. This picture’s name as archive “the most influential piece of modern art” by a survey of the Guardian.

Marilyn Diptych - Andy Warhol
Marilyn Diptych – Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol‘s Marilyn Diptych is made of two silver canvases on which the artist silkscreened a photograph of Marilyn Monroe many times. It is the first painting in which he used the assembly-line technique of silk-screening photographic images onto canvas. This allowed him to create different versions of a unique subject instead of hand painting.

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