Keith Haring



Keith Haring is an American artist that was born in Kutztown (Pennsylvania) in 1958. He grew up in the 60’s in an American middle class. Is an inspiration to be an artist came from Walt Disney and his dad (as an amateur artist) influenced that.

Haring studied in the Ivy School of Art of Pittsburgh and then when to New York where he continued his studies in the Visual Art School. Later on, in the same school, he studied the science of the signs, so called semiotics. He found in this science that the images could be used as words, as he said, <<The pictures turned out to a vocabulary>>.

All his life was dedicated to reflecting the spirit of the pop generation and the street culture of the 80’s in NY. The main topic of the artist was born, death, love, sex, and war

Haring painting a mural at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, 1986

Keith started to make graffiti drawing with a marker. The graffiti was similar to cartoons over the advertisements in the NY metro. Keith considers the subways to be his laboratory, a place where he can create his content.  He was arrest many times because of public property damage. His first exposition was in the gallery Tony Shafrazi in New York in 1982.

Important achievements of Keith Haring

In his last years he archives, expand and settle his work by many activities;

  • 1986. First of all, he painted a piece of Berlin Wall and open a boutique in NY Soho, where he sold his products. Therefore, by the opening of the boutique, we did some contact with companies to collaborate with them (as Absolut Vodka, Lucky Strike, Coca-Cola, etc.) As a result, from 1986 his work began to reflect more social themes, like AIDS, crack and cocaine addiction.
  • 1989; Stablishes the Keith Haring Foundation. The objective of this organization is to fight for the solution of social problems.
  • 1990, Keith died from AIDS complication in New York (DEP. 16/02/1990)

He knew Andy Warhol, who was the theme of several of Haring’s pieces, including “Andy Mouse“. His friendship with Warhol would prove to be a decisive element in his eventual success.

The Boxers, Berlin, 1987
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