James Rosenquist and the Monumental Image

The creativity of James Rosenquist

James Rosenquist was a very famous Pop Artist. He appropriated images from popular culture for his artwork. Perhaps, instead of copying, Rosenquist enhanced the creativity of control by the unrealistic juxtapositions of the celebrities and products, many times thought political messages.

James Rosenquist
James Rosenquist

Common techniques

The common method that the artist uses were clippings from magazines. In addition, advertisings and from some photo spreads, and after, those were the final result of J. Rosenquist’s paintings. The training in billboard painting of the pop artist, have a perfect transition to the realistic renders of the collages that expand to a monumental scale. Usually, the artwork from J. Rosenquist was much bigger than 20 feet (wide and large). This scale of dimensions was reserved in the past, for the high art subject.

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