Ed Ruscha

Ed Ruscha and Signage

One of the most referencing artists of the Los Angeles pop movement was Ed Ruscha. Ed work in a variety of media. The majority of his pop works were typically printed or painted. The presence of Ruscha that used words and phrases in his pop art paintings, make more emphasis in the Los Angeles movement.

The first reference to popular culture was the painting “Large Trademark with Eight Spotlights (1962). The description of the painting is the usage of the 20th Century Fox logo in a simple condition with hard edges and clear palette of a cartoon. The reference to it was as the very same conditions of the billboards.

Large Trademark with Eight Spotlights – Edward Ruscha (1962)
Large Trademark with Eight Spotlights – Edward Ruscha (1962)

The technique applied by Ruscha

The subsequent paintings of the artist often blurred the division between painting, abstraction, and advertising. This creates a division and breaks the commercial realm and the aesthetic world. Even sometimes, the incorporation of 3D objects like comic books or pencils on the canvas. The artwork of Ruscha was a prelude to the Conceptual art of the late 1960’s. Where the creation of the idea rather than a specific image takes more importance. The artist recreation of the commonplaces and the variety of topics went further the limits of the reproduction of the object. The determination of the possibility to change the image, place, text and the feeling of the viewer.

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