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Pop Art summary

The pop art movement in the 1950’s creates many things. It did not only change how everyone sees the art but also, it changes the culture of how the people appreciate the art and pop culture. The pop art reflects in the everyday life, from visual activities and pleasures, like television, comics, magazines, and advertisements.

It was a time where the globalization of pop music came and the young culture takes more influence in the world. The main characters that influence at the time were Elvis (from the USA) and The Beatles (from Great Britain). The Pop Art culture came as a new fragrance and young style. The high variety of styles of paints and sculptures from many different countries reinforce the movement that was happening in the world with the globalization. This was the common interest in the mass-production media culture was growing and taking a higher importance position.


Basic concepts.

The basic idea of the Pop Art is to create an instant message that the viewer gets familiar with. This is a high contrast versus the intellectual abstract expressionist display by the professional arts. The pop artists experiment with a new process, like using canvas that was not usually associated with the painting. Then acrylic painting and silkscreen printing in addition to the imagery and color schemes.


Pop Art tap
Pop Art tap


As most of the pop art was taken from something that was highly recognizable by the consumer. Examples are; goods, graphics, magazines, brands, cartoons, etc.

Often all the objects and pictures were presented in high contrast colors. Furthermore, the composition of the artwork was not complex so it gives the sensation of clean and very simple. The visual appearance of to the public was highly understandable and the pop art movement run from the complexity.

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In this website, you can find the historical details and much more information regarding the growth of the art movement. The main characters that influence the movement and the key artwork that bring the attention even years after they were produced.


Marilyn Monroe multicolour painting
Marilyn Monroe painting
Andy Warhol - Velvet Underground
Andy Warhol – Velvet Underground

Why Pop Art?

Our passion goes beyond the art movement. Therefore, we share the same mindset set in the era. In this website, you will find all the information related to this modern art movement (from the artists to the masterpieces of pop art paintings).

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